Storage Ideas Longspan Shelving

Storage Ideas’ light-duty longspan
shelving represents value for money!

Longspan shelving systems are light-duty shelves that will make
general-purpose storage easier than ever. Storing items like boxes, cartons,
and totes, as well as archive files, and a host of other lightweight items will
be simple if you’re using longspan shelves.

Designed as either a standalone unit, or to be integrated with any of
Storage Ideas’ other high-quality storage solutions, longspan shelving is a
versatile product that can be used for storing items in warehouses, workshops,
garages, or even in a small-scale storage room.

Why choose Storage Ideas’ longspan

Longspan shelving systems have been carefully designed and tested, to
ensure they meet the industry’s relevant operational and safety standards.

Each unit has been designed so it can either stand alone, or be
integrated with any of our other innovative storage ranges. The longspan
shelving system boasts both functionality and style, and represents exceptional
value for money!

The features of longspan

  • Strong upright section design, providing secure
    and safe storage
  • Upright profiles that meet Australian design
  • Modular steel shelves available in a variety of
    sizes to suit differing frame widths and depths
  • Stiffeners integrated into shelves minimising
    deflection and providing optimum load bearing capability
  • Economical tubular step beams in depths of 60mm
    and 80mm suitable for recessed particle board or steel mesh decks
  • A beam face that protects the front edge of the
    shelf and displays a clean appearance
  • 3-tang connectors that fit securely into
    uprights, providing stiff and secure connections for longitudinal frame
  • A shelf design offering lengths of up to 2.4 metres,
    while retaining strong load carrying capabilities of up to 300kg per shelf
  • Frames available in a range of depths from 450 mm
    to 1200 mm

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