Maintaining your storage space

Your storage space is the core of your business so taking care of it
should be a priority. When you’ve invested in the right racking and shelving to
help your operation run as efficiently as possible, there’s no point compromising
this productivity because your storage area isn’t being looked after.

Below we list a few of the key ways you can maintain your storage space
and look after the future of your business.

Regular Inspections

In order to maintain your storage area in general and your racking in particular,
it’s vital to carry out regular inspections and audits of the facility. Storage Ideas offers a visual rack safety audit to inspect your racking and help
identify any necessary repairs.

Never Reconfigure

Your storage system has been carefully designed by its manufacturers and
installers to reach specific capabilities. It is, therefore, vital that you
never try to reconfigure your racking without consulting the manufacturer as
there is a chance that the resulting setup could be unsafe.

Use Load Signs

Although beams and uprights on different racks may look the same, the
difference in the composition of their steel can mean a variance in loading
capacity of several tonnes. It is, therefore, very important your racking has
load signs to make sure all users are aware of the specific loading capacity of
each rack and won’t risk overburdening the system.


There are protective accessories available to increase the longevity of
your racking and improve the overall safety of your workspace. Accidents do
happen, so Colby Protect-a-RACK uses the strongest part of the rack to brace
for impact from forklifts – this is proven to dramatically reduce damage.

To further bolster your most-used rack systems, you can install a heavy
duty front impact beam to specifically protect racking from frontal impact

Keep Things Tidy

It may seem obvious that maintaining a tidy work area is beneficial, but
when it comes to warehousing, it becomes a vital issue. This is because
warehousing involves complex storage systems that are used by a mixture of
vehicles and pedestrians. Not only does a tidy area create a positive working
environment but it also protects the safety of your staff and equipment.

Train and Re-Train

Training is essential for anyone operating a forklift truck, but it’s
just as important for pickers, packers and other warehouse staff. When everyone
has regular safety training, you can be sure that all the best practices will
be adhered to and the likelihood of accidents and damage to equipment is
greatly reduced.

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