Custom-Designed Storage Solutions for Your Workplace

At Storage Ideas, we offer custom designed storage solutions for any
business. If none of our existing products fit your exact needs, we can design
something unique to match your space. Using our in-house CAD system along with
engineering consultants and industry experts, we can create a solution to
accommodate all of your needs. Read on to find out more about how the process

1. Initial Consultation

The first step to creating your storage solution with Storage Ideas is
to give us a detailed brief, focusing on factors that are important to you and
the running of your business. Every customer is different and will have a
unique set of requirements to take into consideration, so it’s important to us
to approach each client as an individual, no matter how large or small the

2. Design

Once the client has decided on a complete brief, it’s time for the
design phase. We use the latest AutoCAD software to design storage solutions
and to produce accurate drawings and layouts that help you visualise your new
premises. At this stage, we will consider every aspect of your brief to make
sure we’ve got you covered in every area, from accessibility to safety, from
minimising labour requirements to maximising storage capacity.

3. Planning

Now we know that you’re happy with our design proposal, it’s time to
plan the installation and build. We will arrange our project timeline around
your timing restrictions, whether you need the job completed as soon as
possible or divided into smaller sections to enable you to work around the
construction. We’ll give you a realistic deadline so you can go ahead and make
plans for using your new storage solution.

4. Installation

It’s time to get started! Our professional and friendly team will carry
out the installation at your premises and get it finished on time.

5. Safety Certification

Storage Ideas treats safety as a top priority, so once the installation
is complete you’ll get a safety certification to guarantee all standards have
been met. Now you can move into your new storage area with the knowledge that
your staff and goods are safe and secure.

6. Inspection and Audit

We offer regular audits and racking ‘health’ checks to make sure your
system is still meeting all safety standards. During the inspection, we can
recommend if any repairs are needed and get everything up to scratch as soon as

For more information on our bespoke design solutions, or to make an
enquiry, call Storage Ideas now on 02 9731 7999 or visit our website contact
page for more ways to get in touch.

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