All about Raised Storage Areas

When investigating ways to make the most out of your available space,
you may have come across the idea of raised storage or mezzanine levels. To
help you learn more about this creative solution to your storage space issues,
we’ve put together some information below.

Why Choose a Raised Storage

The addition of another level to your space is a cost-effective way to
increase your storage capacity without affecting your current ground level
workflow. Installing a mezzanine can save you the time, money and stress of
moving to a new facility when you need more space. If you currently have
overhead space that isn’t being used to its potential, a raised storage area is
the perfect solution to gain storage without having to redesign your existing

Medium to Heavy Duty

You have two choices of setup for your mezzanine – medium or heavy duty.
For a strong and stable second floor that won’t have to deal with excessive
force, a medium-duty system is an economical and flexible option. These floors
use standard pallet racking components to integrate with your existing racking
and shelving systems, and they are completely versatile in their setup.

For a more serious option, heavy-duty flooring is fully bolted and uses
a range of support beams to achieve optimum strength. Storage Ideas uses the
specially-designed Colby ‘Sigma’ beams to provide maximum support to your
structure while minimising the number of columns – this gives you as much ground
floor space as possible.

A Complete Package

A Colby raised storage area isn’t just a second floor for your facility
– it includes a full package of accessories and fittings to make sure your
mezzanine integrates seamlessly with your existing space. Storage Ideas
supplies a range of essential features such as stairs, handrails, barriers,
pallet gates and lifting devices as well as different flooring options. Safety
is a priority, so we’ll include all appropriate signage plus fire protection
equipment such as sprinklers and smoke curtains.

Further Options

Adding a mezzanine isn’t the only way to create a raised storage area in
your warehouse or distribution centre. We also offer modular two and three-tier
floor structures that can take your storage capabilities to dizzying new

These extra-tall systems are designed from our lightweight,
high-strength shelving range and can be fitted out with hanging rails, drawers,
fixed height dividers and other accessories. A further option is a full structural
floor, which is a permanent addition to your space, unlike a mezzanine which
can be deconstructed.

For more information on the raised storage options that we offer, or to
make an enquiry, call Storage Ideas now on 02 9731 7999 or visit our website contact
page for more ways to get in touch.

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