Woolworths secures liquor aisles with portable expanding barricades

The Woolworths Metro store in Armadale, Melbourne utilises portable
expanding barricades from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) to secure
their liquor aisles. For this prototype application, ATDC supplied their portable
expanding barricades designed to deter persons from reaching through the
barricade to access the bottles of alcohol. The barricades were also designed
to prevent bottles being passed through them. 

ATDC’s barricades are successfully serving their purpose as a powerful
loss prevention tool reducing both theft and shrinkage, while also fulfilling
the compliance requirements of prevailing state liquor licensing legislation.

ATDC’s S04-1 DD (Double Diamond) mesh portable expanding barricade was
the product of choice for the Armadale store application with its tightly
interwoven mesh creating a narrow 65mm pitch between the metal cross linkages and
making it extremely difficult for anyone to reach through the barrier. Standing
2020mm high, the black powder-coated barrier has a seamless floor mounted
locking arrangement to secure the installation; instead of attaching and
locking the barrier to the aisle structure itself, the floor mounted locking
mechanism has a surface mounted laser cut stainless steel floor plate to which
the barrier engages at each end and locks.

During trading hours, the trackless, portable barricade is wheeled away on heavy duty non marking rubber
bottom castors and stored completely out of sight.

The double diamond mesh portable expanding barricade has passed safety tests
under the latest OH&S legislation; it has also been successfully tested by
an independent NATA testing authority for compliance with numerous provisions
of the Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings AS 4687-2007, namely
for dynamic impact, simulated climbing and foothold aperture tests. The
successful testing also confirms that the steel barricades are rigid, formidable
and strong, yet extremely easy to operate.

ATDC is already installing these barricades at other stores in
the Woolworths network including both BWS
and Dan Murphy’s liquor outlets.

ATDC’s double diamond mesh barriers have the added advantage of being
compliant under certain circumstances with the emergency exit provisions of the

ATDC’s portable expanding barricades are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Perth, Adelaide and Canberra as well as in all regional centres across the
country including Darwin, Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong
and Geelong. These barricades are now also being successfully exported to South
East Asia, the Asia Pacific region, the Pacific Islands and the UAE.

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive range of steel and
aluminium barricades, visit their website or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on

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