High grade security gates secure Repco Penrith shopfront

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) recently provided a custom
security gate solution to the Repco store in Penrith to secure their shopfront.
ATDC’s high grade S06 security gates were installed at the store.

One of Australasia’s 25 most recognised brands, and the largest reseller
and supplier in the automotive parts and accessories aftermarket, Repco operates
a network of more than 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand, and employs
more than 2000 staff.

ATDC was engaged to design a security gate solution that was compact and
space-efficient when unlocked during the store’s business hours, so that it
could be easily folded back to occupy a side storage area, which was only 6% of
the opening span of the shopfront.

Working closely with Repco’s specifying architects as well as shopfitter
Storebuild Pty Ltd out of Melbourne, ATDC’s design engineers were able to offer
their innovative side-by-side parallel top track configuration, which literally
halved the normal stacking width of their security gates.

The bi-parting double leaf arrangement of the door allowed ATDC to
neatly resolve the limited storage space challenge. A series of intermediate
up/down locking mechanisms alleviated the need for any floor tracks, ensuring a
seamless lock-up solution.

ATDC also offers their unique side-by-side configuration for curved and
angled shopfronts as well straight-line applications, providing customers with
further innovative design options to maximise the visual display of merchandise
in their retail stores. The maximum curve/angle that is operationally
achievable for the securitygates is a 90-degree turn through a 600mm radius curve.

ATDC’s compact security gates are available in standard black satin and
white pearl powder-coated finishes along with any finish from the standard
Australian Dulux powdercoat range.

ATDC’s security gates are now available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Adelaide, Perth and Canberra as well as all regional towns across the country
including Newcastle, Geelong, Townville, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. These gates
are also exported throughout South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and the UAE.

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive
range of commercial, industrial and residential security gates, please visit
ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au
or contact toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or from overseas
on 09-61-2-87232800.

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