ATDC launches new high speed doors

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) announces the official launch
of an exciting range of high speed doors suitable for various commercial and
industrial applications.

ATDC’s new Australian-made high speed doors feature the latest European
access control technology, allowing optimum, safe and reliable performance at
speeds of up to 1.5m per second with programmable features such as variable
speed control, soft start/stop/hold open features and battery backup, all with
a single phase PLC control system.

Some of the many innovative access control and safety options available
with these high speed doors include remote control, IR motion sensors, induction
floor loops, PE sensors and pressure sensitive bottom rails.

Available in a 99gsm or 1400gsm heavy duty fire retardant polyskin with
heavy duty anodised extruded aluminium side guides and optional flexible bottom
rail, this dynamic high speed door is suitable for both internal and external applications for openings
up to 7 metres in width or 36 square metres overall.

ATDC’s new high speed doors are ideal for managing traffic flow in the
vicinity of the entrance door as well as controlling the atmosphere of warehouses,
coldrooms, freezer rooms or cleanrooms. These doors are also recommended for
securing hospitals, supermarkets, car washes, car parks, mine sites and process

The high speed doors are now available for sale in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

For more information, please visit the ATDC website
or call toll free on 1800657435.

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