Why we choose Colby Australian-made racks

Storage Ideas is a leading authorised seller of Colby racking because we
believe their products are the best in the business. But you don’t have to just
take our word for it; read on for five reasons why we choose Colby.

A Comprehensive Range

Colby pride themselves on being able to supply virtually everything your
industrial facility could need. This includes all types of racking as well as
shelving, flooring, conveyors and safety accessories. No matter the size or
nature of your business, Colby has the warehouse storage solution for you.

Innovation in Design

Colby leads the industry with their creative design and forward-thinking
ethos. Exciting ranges such as the protect-a-rack system and seismic racking
show their ambition to stay ahead of the game and constantly develop ways to
make your business run more safely and efficiently. Their RackMAN design
software is a unique tool that gives you the safety certification you need for
your storage system.

High-Quality Products

All of Colby’s products are designed by leading Australian structural
engineers with an emphasis on safety and structural standards. The foundation
blocks of a storage system – the uprights, brace and beams – are made from
guaranteed high-tensile steel of the best quality.

Superior Safety

Exceeding international standards in safety is a priority for Colby in
all of their products. The company has achieved a 5-star safety rating from the
National Safety Council and continues to innovate in that field with their
patented rack protection system and software-based safety certification.

A Reliable Brand

At Storage Ideas, we trust Colby. We trust that they will deliver the
products we need at the time they’re needed. We trust that they are experts in
installation and servicing. We trust their excellent customer support, their
aftercare, and their safety certification software. More than anything else, we
know that once you’ve used them, you will trust Colby too.

For more information on the range of Colby products that we offer, or to
make an enquiry, call Storage Ideas now on 02 9731 7999 or visit our website contact
page for more ways to get in touch.

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