Modular CCD Spectrometer

The Exemplar is the latest addition to the line of miniature CCD spectrometers from B&WTek. It is the first smart spectrometer featuring on board data processing, USB 3.0 communication and temperature compensation.

The Exemplar is also optimized for multi-channel operation featuring ultra-low trigger delay and gate jitter. It supports up to 32 devices with ultra-low trigger delay (35ns) & gate jitter (+/-5ns).

Additonally, the Exemplar features a 2048 element detector and built-in 16 bit digitizer with greater than 2.0 MHz readout speed. It acquires and transfers more than 900 spectra per second at an integrated time of 1050μs.

The Exemplar is ideal for most visable and near-infrared applications and is available in the following standard configuration: wavelength range of 350-1050nm, 25μm
slit, an LVF filter, a ruled
grating (600mm/400nm), and a spectral resolution of 1.5nm.

Additional Features:

  1. Temperature Compensation for
    Ultra-low Thermal Drift
  2. 1ms Minimum Integration Time
  3. < 0.5nm Spectral Resolution
  4. UV – NIR (200nm – 1050nm)
  5. >2.0 MHz Readout Speed


  1. UV, Vis, and NIR: Spectroscopy /
    Spectroradiometry / Spectrophotometry
  2. Absorbance / Reflectance /
  3. Kinetic Reaction Monitoring
  4. Transient Spectral Analysis
  5. Wavelength Identification
  6. OEM Systems Integration
  7. Multi-point Sampling

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