MSA Magnetics recently installed a Rare Earth Magnet Pulley for a waste processing company to collect unwanted tramp iron and metal fragments in their waste production lines.

Contacted by recycling company Waste Initiatives for a solution on behalf of a client, MSA assessed the application and recommended a high intensity, Rare Earth Magnet Pulley. Since the client company had an existing Head Pulley, they sent it to MSA for the addition of their special ‘Magnetic Pulley Lagging’.


The company’s Managing Director explained that they needed a Magnetic Pulley with very quick turnaround but failed to get one after enquiring with several companies. However, after making contact with MSA, the pulley they had made was shipped over for conversion into a Magnetic Pulley, MSA sent the finished product back within 24 hours against the promised 3-day turnaround.

He adds that he will not hesitate to recommend MSA Magnetics for their high level of expert and professional assistance and engineering, quality workmanship and most of all, exceptional service.

MSA Magnetics provides new Magnetic Head Pulley solutions or Magnetic Lagging Upgrades to existing Pulleys of any width and any diameter above 150mm.

Without causing any disruption to the process or dropping contaminates into the same bin as the cleaned product, the Magnetic Pulley carries metal underneath the conveyer belt and drops them off into a separate bin underneath the Head Pulley.

Please view more information about the product here, or contact MSA’s friendly team today.

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