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Managing Contact Tracing in the Pandemic Era

In a time full of uncertainty and changing situations, the modern organisation is forced to be adaptable. Today managing contact tracing is one of the fundamental things for businesses to master, whether that’s the workforce at a large facility or whether its customers in a hospitality or retail venue. Whatever the state of operation, organisations now need to contend with changing rules and regulations and be ready to work with a new society, rather fall victims to it. Managing contact tracing is already being put in place by numerous countries across the world with the goal of minimising risk of virus transmission and having steps in place to deal with potential consequences. What is important for both the manager as well as a customer/patron or staff member is knowledge of potential risk and information on the state of an organisation. If a restaurant business is operating with a large number of tables laid out in a way that encourages viral transmission, this becomes a risk. If too many customers are entering a venue at a given time, this also becomes a risk. Such things can often be avoided by managing contact tracing effectively as part of a COVID19 safety plan. Many hospitality organisations today are choosing to implement electronic logbooks to keep a record of their patrons and staff to be able to carry out effective contact tracing in real time. This can help them understand the behaviour of their clients, keep the venue/site at a safe number of people and shield customers and staff as best they can.

Electronic logbooks or eLogs are already a solution that was being used before the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. For hospitality sectors operating table service, it’s a setup that lets you monitor who you are serving what and when. The eLog solution is something that has been used in other sectors too such as rental of consumer and business equipment and vehicles. In light of the need for contact tracing, especially in the hospitality and retail sectors but also for other trades, many organisations are now choosing to eLogs to manage their Covid-19 contact tracing paperless. By keeping a record from individuals and parties visiting a facility, such as their name and contact details; managers of a venue can save who has visited their business. If there is a viral outbreak whereby a patron or staff member tests positive for the Covid-19 virus, management can then see what contact they had with other staff members and customers over the immediate past. This gives a good and accurate indication of who is at risk of transmission and what the size of the problem is. Required steps to isolate staff members, test for COVID19, re-sanitise and deep clean certain areas and contact visitors can then be taken, without necessarily shutting down the entire business indefinitely.

By managing contact tracing via paperless eLogs, manager of various industry sector facilities can provide a secure solution confident in the fact that they have taken the top preventative measure to stop transmission. By using eLogs, it can also be argued that such individuals have taken the best way to conduct contact tracing in the interest of customer, staff and business safety; as well as responsible operation. Utilising an eLog solution can be regarded to be a safer contact tracing solution than using a pen and paper sign-up sheet or a QR code solution for several reasons. Not only does pen and paper obviously need to be sanitised between use presenting clear issues, but it often fails due to customers giving fake personal details just to get into the venue. QR code sign up may appear less hassle for a manager, but again there is an issue of fake details being given which undermines the contact tracing safety net and reporting of transmission. Both these solutions mean that customer, staff and business safety cannot sensibly be ensured, due to the problem of potential fake details. This is why managers across the hospitality sector are increasingly turning to contact tracing eLog solutions which can help them in managing contact tracing in a professional and secure manner. Verification of personal details, downloadable database information and clear contact tracing steps. When managing contact tracing responsibly, it is the obvious option for businesses today.

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