Testo thermal imagers for critical building management tasks

Building management is a specialised field with considerable effort,
time and tools invested in maintaining massive commercial, industrial,
residential and mixed-use structures. Building managers cannot leave any room
for error when it comes to the smooth operation of these facilities, which is
why they need the most accurate tools for surveying and analysis.

Thermal imaging technology is increasingly being used in building
management to detect problems in various functional areas. Thermal imagers such
as the Testo 871 or 872 can save building managers untold time and money in
critical building management tasks.

Thermal imaging, for instance, is used to identify leaks and breaks in
heating system pipework. Typically indicated by wet floorboards and walls,
stains, smells and irregular water temperature, leaks in the building structure
do not give managers a clear understanding of the source of the problem. One
way to identify a leak is through intrusive actions such as breaking up walls
or floors. With thermal imaging devices, managers can locate the source of a
leak without intrusive measures, and with unerring accuracy.

Testo offers a broad range of thermal imaging cameras for building managers
to assess the bulk of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
facilities. These thermal imagers can help identify the layout of underfloor
heating; check the function and performance of underfloor heating and piping; monitor
radiators before and after flushing; and carry out inspection of concealed
boiler flues.

Modern buildings mostly have underfloor or in-wall systems throughout for
day-to-day occupant comfort and overall building performance. However, their
concealed installation also makes them difficult to accurately monitor for
potential problems. Testo’s thermal imaging devices help building managers get
the clearest and most accurate picture of concealed systems within the walls.

What Testo brings to thermal
imaging for building management

Testo 871 and 872 thermal imaging cameras are best-suited to building
management applications. Testo 872 offers infrared resolution of up to 320×240
pixels, SuperResolution technology for 640 x 480 pixels; thermal sensitivity less
than 60mK; free Testo Thermography App for easy report creation; Bluetooth
connection to optionally available thermohygrometer; and a laser marker.

Manual and automatic scaling, combined with Testo’s Thermography App, provides
detailed analysis of heat patterns as well as the software to turn it into
actionable data, helping the building manager effectively address the issue.

This level of detail ensures building managers have a clear
understanding of HVAC systems to assess the severity of problems, and establish
a plan of action for cost-efficient solutions.

Contact Testo when you need fast, accurate thermal imaging for efficient
building management. 

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