Choosing a Thermal Imaging Camera – What are my options?

There are a number of factors which come into account when choosing a thermal imaging camera, and not just the price. Depending on your individual application, somewhat careful selection is required to ensure the camera provides the necessary features and is right for you.

Why invest in a thermal camera?

Thermal cameras are used in a number of industries, and often have many day to day uses within each specific profession. From heating engineers checking blocked pipes, to production engineers checking high end equipment is running smoothly, thermal cameras provide instant and contactless analysis, which no other technology can offer. Here are some of the main advantages:

Non-Intrusive – If you suspect a problem in for example pipework or underfloor heating, you can detect and locate the source of the issue immediately, without causing any damage.

Why waste time digging around trying to find leaking pipes? With a thermal imaging camera you can locate leaks in a matter of seconds.

Don’t let it become a problem – In many cases you can locate potential problems, before they become an issue.

Show customers the issue – They provide the user with the facility to show customers the source of the problem immediately.

Why choose testo?

Testo thermal cameras provide real value for engineers and professionals, and aren’t simply a gimmick you use once or twice. If that’s what you’re after then a testo camera might not be for you. What testo camera’s offer is a robust and quality tool which can be used for a number of day to day applications. The main advantages of testo thermal cameras include:

Undeniable quality – Testo cameras are far more robust and quality tools than lower quality alternatives.

Higher image spec – this then equates to better image quality. You might not think this is that important but it really is. Low spec thermal images often provide unclear images, which don’t uncover the real issues.

Testo cameras are designed to be used as tools, rather than just a gimmick.

Free Super Resolution – All testo thermal imaging cameras now come with Free SuperResolution technology, so the resolution of all images is effectively doubled. This will make findings even clearer.

The value of having a thermal camera at your disposal really is invaluable for many professionals. If you’re after something to take a thermal selfie and have laugh with your mates, then perhaps you should look elsewhere. But if you want to invest in a quality piece of equipment to add to your toolbox, then a testo thermal camera might just be for you.

Which Thermal Camera is best for me?

Deciding which camera is best suited to your requirement’s can be difficult. Testo provide cameras ideal for smaller companies right through to large industrial applications. Below we have tried to summarise the features of the Testo range of infrared cameras and how they compare against each other.

If you would like full specifications on any testo camera please click here. If at any point you have a question about a camera and its capabilities please feel free to contact us on 1300 837 861 and we’ll be happy to help.

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