The First Automatic Digital Multimeter , The Testo 760

Across a number of fields, the ability to take accurate electrical
measurements is absolutely vital.

For these tasks, the right
multimeter can be an invaluable tool. From supply voltage to A measurements, a
digital multimeter can deliver a range of information essential to any
technician working with an electrical system.

While the digital multimeter
represented a significant advance in measurement tools, Testo has taken the
next step forward with the testo 760 – the first automatic multimeter of its
kind. Featuring function keys rather than the typical dial, the testo 760 is a
reliable and easy to use device that delivers measurements to the highest
degree of accuracy.

“The testo 760 is the first
multimeter of its kind.”

The ease of

other digital multimeters, the wrong setting or configuration can fry the
device’s fuse – this leads to downtime, and replacing the fuse is an extra cost
for the user. The testo 760 eliminates this issue with automatic
measurement parameter recognition – it will automatically engage the correct
measurement mode based on how the test leads are connected.

The device also features
function keys that light up based on those those leads, providing an extra
safeguard against mismatched connections and measuring parameters. And, should
the user try to engage a function with the test leads in the wrong sockets, the
testo 760 will notify him or her through visible and audible notifications. For
added readability, the testo 760 features one of the largest displays currently
on the market.

The testo 760 family

Not everyone uses a
multimeter for the same reasons; each person will have different needs based on
their planned applications. To address this, Testo has introduced the family of
three multimeters.

If you need a multimeter for
daily tasks, the testo 760-1 is an ideal choice. The standard model provides
accurate results, measuring up to 600 volts and from 0.1 milliamps to 10 amps
of current.

For more advanced tasks and
even higher accuracy, the testo 760-2 and 760-3 are up to the job. These models
use true root mean square (TRMS) to deliver measurements accurate to 1 per
cent. They also feature a low-pass filter, which can measure voltage on systems
that run at lower levels to deliver greater energy efficiency. The
testo 760-2 and 760-3 can measure 0.1 microamps to 10 amps in current.
While the testo 760-2 can measure up to 600 volts, the testo 760-3 provides an
increased range up to 1,000 volts.

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