New fibre optics accelerometer from Bestech

Bestech Australia announces the release of a new fibre optics
accelerometer from SCAIME.

The new OBAC-002 fibre optics accelerometer offers precise and reliable
low-level vibration and DC acceleration measurement. The miniature accelerometer’s
very low transverse sensitivity makes it ideal for motion and DC-level

Key features of OBAC-002 fibre optics accelerometers include flexible
mounting to the testing structure, either bolted or welded; high insensitivity
to temperature change with thermal drift of ~0.07¡C/g over the operating
temperature of -20¡C to +50¡C; and ability to be directly integrated to SCAIME
web server for easy parameterisation and analysis.

The vibration sensor can be safely used in harsh environments thanks to its
robustness and measurement integrity. These qualities also make the OBAC-002 fibre
optics accelerometer suitable for use in defence and military applications as
well as in tankers, LNG and oil and gas industry.

The OBAC-002 fibre optic accelerometer is also immune to electromagnetic
interference, resistant to water and corrosive substances, and non-explosive.

For more information, please visit the Bestech Australia website or call 03 9540 5100.

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