Bestech Australia announces the release of the new paint thickness gauge from Micro-Epsilon, ISC1000, which offers non-destructive measurement of coating and paint thickness on a non-electrically conductive substrate.

This paint thickness gauge operates based on microwave technology to allow a measurement of the total thickness of the insulating layer up to 1000 μm. Its unmatched precision means users can use this device to measure 1μm thickness on flat and curved surfaces. The Micro-Epsilon ISC1000 is ideally used for measuring coating thickness on CFRP and other metallic substrates.

In industrial or military applications, this sensor is ideally used in quality inspections either as random checks or static measurements. The Coating Thickness Gauge is battery-powered and easy to use with a color touch display and keypad for quick data entry. Although the device is factory-calibrated, users can customize the measurement settings depending on the objects that they intend to measure at

The device offers internal storage with data export capability via USB as well as statistical functions and calibration possibilities to enhance industrial production efficiency. It is ideally used for applications such as:

Measurement of thin substrates >1μm on CFRP
Thickness measurement of a dry and electrically conductive insulative coating such as paint or plastics
Quality control
Measurement on flat and curved surfaces.
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