X-Cite FIRE illumination system for fluorescence imaging

Scitech introduces the X-Cite FIRE fluorescence illumination system by
Excelitas Technologies, featuring one of the broadest spectrums available in a
white light LED for fluorescence microscopy. Rivalling traditional arc lamps
for brightness, the X-Cite FIRE is a true arc lamp replacement for routine and
advanced fluorescence imaging applications, making it ideal for both compound
and stereomicroscopes.

In addition to its powerful output and broad DAPI to Cy7 spectral range,
X-Cite FIRE maximises flexibility with several options. Delivering light either
through a light guide or with a choice of more than a dozen microscope
adaptors, X-Cite FIRE can be installed on just about any new imaging system or
retrofitted to microscopes that labs have depended on for years; labs can
choose from two models with a choice of UV wavelengths (365nm or 385nm) to work
with their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets.

All control options are built into every X-Cite FIRE with each system offering
intuitive fingertip control with speedDIAL, hands-free operation with a foot
pedal, and USB and TTL inputs for automated applications.

The X-Cite FIRE’s high power in 500-600nm for TRITC and mCherry enables
faster imaging time and better excitation for dim specimens. Power levels for
TRITC, Cy5 and Cy7 excitation can handle everything from routine imaging to
demanding high-speed applications.

Designed for use with liquid light guides, X-Cite FIRE is compatible
with modern light-guide-only microscope designs and can also be combined with
Excelitas microscope adaptors to replace traditional lamp houses. With the X-Cite
FIRE, users can switch from mercury lamps to environment-friendly LEDs without
compromising on price or performance.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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