TissueFAXS PLUS upright fluorescence and brightfield microscope system

Scitech has introduced a new flagship upright fluorescence and
brightfield microscope system from TissueGnostics GmbH designed for the scanning
and analysis of slides, cytospins, smears and tissue microarrays.

TissueFAXS PLUS, the flagship upright fluorescence and brightfield microscope
system from TissueGnostics, enables the user to quantify and quantitatively
analyse any protein or substance, which can be marked with immunofluorescent or
immunohistochemical markers.

Based on a fully motorised and automated upright microscope, TissueFAXS
PLUS is equipped with two cameras (for immunofluoresence and
immunohistochemistry), a high quality 8 slide stage controllable in the three
axes (with an optional robot stack loader) and the TissueGnostics software
packages TissueFAXS (microscope control and tissue stitching), TissueQuest and
HistoQuest controlled and driven by a top-of-the-line computer workstation with
two large TFT flat screens.

Key features of the TissueFAXS PLUS system also includes an autofocus function,
fully tuneable for sensitivity and speed and precision up to 100x objective;
partial reacquisition mode, which allows portions of a digitised slide representation
where sharpness or colour rendition is not good, to be improved without repeating
the entire experiment, saving time and specimen; and ability to be equipped
with supplementary components for contrast microscopy methods such as
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopy in brightfield.

The TissueFAXS PLUS can scan 10 channels in epifluorescence, and
supports all Zeiss objective classes with M24 thread. The system includes a
Pixelink M-4 brightfield camera, a PCO Pixelfly USB monochrome camera, an
Excite 120 PCQ metal halide light source and a VIS-LED brightfield light source.
It also incorporates an FITC bandpass filter.

The TissueFAXS PLUS system can be upgraded for spinning disc confocality
or high speed epifluorescence scanning.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website
www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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