Scientifica’s SliceScope – new slimline, versatile upright microscope

Scitech introduces the new SliceScope from Scientifica, a stable,
compact and slimline upright microscope featuring a modular design for use in
versatile neuroscience applications. The SliceScope is ideal for neuroscience techniques
such as electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, two and three-photon imaging
and optogenetics.

Key features of Scientifica’s SliceScope microscopes include a slim
profile allowing easy placement of other equipment around the sample, such as
manipulators, light sources and perfusion systems; ability for users to
remotely control the objective and condenser, enabling focus and Koehler to be
controlled away from the sample area; and high level of usability in
dark/cramped areas and in vivo samples.

The SliceScope is compatible with a comprehensive range of Olympus
objectives, condensers, eyepieces and light sources. It’s also compatible with
fluorescence turrets and a broad range of contrast techniques including devices
such as LEDs, halogens and broad spectrum white light sources.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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