New Luxendo light sheet microscopes with multiview

Scitech introduces the QuVi SPIM, the latest addition to Luxendo’s range
of light sheet microscopes. Combining dual views with dual detection channels, the
QuVi SPIM enables large-scale imaging of living samples.

The QuVi SPIM light sheet microscope finds application in imaging of living,
fixed and cleared brain slices, long-term imaging of 3D cell culture models
(spheroids, organoids, tumoroids), imaging of conventional cell culture in high
throughput, and even functional (e.g. calcium) imaging.

Key features of QuVi SPIM light sheet microscopes include use of
SBS-format plates facilitated; quick-load feature boosting user-friendliness
and sample accessibility; exchangeable objective lenses allowing a wide variety
of samples of different sizes and preparations to be imaged such as biophysical
methods like FLIM and FCS; and ability to generate image data for
multidimensional analysis of biological events and processes.

The QuVi SPIM also features a compact, vibration-free and robust design,
resolution down to 340 nm in 3D, and a browser-based user interface.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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