New cell imager generating publication quality images in cell culture applications

Scitech introduces the new InCellis cell imager by French company
Bertin-Instruments, designed as a unique, all-in-one device to generate publication
quality images of cells on tissue slides or in cell culture applications. InCellis
cell imagers provide colour images in brightfield, phase contrast and
fluorescence options.

Embedded cell culture applications allow users to determine cell transfection
efficiency or cell culture confluency or get multi-colour fluorescence images
on the bench. A unique combination of LED cubes and quality objective lenses
displays high resolution images on a 17-inch touch screen monitor. Cell
biologists can easily choose the best sample to use for further analysis.

InCellis cell imagers find application in cancer research, drug
screening, cell toxicity, vaccine production, gene cell therapy and
biopharmaceutical production.

Key features of InCellis cell imagers include low light CMOS colour camera
(1280×1024 pixels) with high sensitivity in fluorescent signal detection; on-board
automated cell culture; up to 4 fluorescence channels overlay; choice of
patented fluorescent light modules; 6-position objective turret; large field of
view; network compatibility; embedded technical support; and dedicated vessel

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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