MMI CellScan whole slide scanner with laser microdissection

Scitech presents the MMI CellScan, a microscopy based slide scanner that
allows the user to scan full resolution digital slides, annotate their selection,
and cut cells by laser microdissection in a single system.

A product from Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI), the MMI
CellScan can also be used as a standalone slide scanner supporting all the functionalities
of a microscope. The MMI CellScan module fully integrates into the user’s workflow
with applications in pathology, oncology, diagnostics, forensics, and many

The 20x objective of the microscope and the high sensitivity CMOS camera
allow an area of 15mm x 15mm to be scanned in less than 75 seconds, which
corresponds to 10 minutes for a full slide (75mm x 25mm). In addition, the
individual focus map ensures that every single image is acquired in the optimal
focus point.

The MMI CellScan slide scanners can combine full resolution whole slide
scanning with absolute and uncompromised positioning for subsequent laser
microdissection; reduce hands-on time for pathologists and researchers while
allowing them to contribute their valuable expertise using the simple on-screen
annotation feature; improve handling of sensitive fluorescent samples by
annotating the selection without prolonged exposure to photo-bleaching light; offer
flexible and quick slide scanning, compatible with all MMI products, with all
objectives, with most microscopes, and most slide viewers; document all steps
of the workflow with full resolution images; and execute ultra-fast data
processing and slide viewing at any zoom level, down to the single pixel.

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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