Lightweight plastic moulds for casting concrete test cylinders

Hylec Controls introduces a new range of lightweight plastic moulds
designed to cast concrete test cylinders. Preceded by two years of development
and testing, Hylec’s new plastic moulds offer an excellent alternative to conventional
steel moulds, which typically weigh 4.5kg. At less than 1.5kg, a Hylec plastic
mould allows test personnel to easily and safely carry two or four samples at a

Hylec plastic moulds are also easy to clean using an organic acid spray
and cloth, taking less than half the time required for steel moulds.

Key features of Hylec plastic moulds include stackable design with
interlocking cap and base; detachable carry handle; designed to suit 100mm
diameter test cylinders; rigid 20mm thick sides and base; and stainless steel
base insert flat (20 microns) preventing damage from rodding.

An outer steel plate on the base enables the mould to be used with a
mechanical vibrator with magnetic clamping. The base also has a laser cut
serial number for mould identification. A 5mm diameter central hole in the base
features a plug held in place with a spring clip. The hole is used to eject the
sample by applying air pressure of about 1-2 bar.

To create a sample, the mould’s inner surfaces are first coated with oil
prior to casting to ensure easy removal of the sample by applying air pressure
to the hole in the base. Water can also be used for sample ejection. A rigid
plastic detachable lid prevents the sample from drying out after casting. The plastic
lid and mould insulate the sample against the effects of hot and cold weather.

Tests show sample strength using plastic moulds is stronger at 3 and 10
days but with no detectable difference at 28 days.

Hylec’s plastic moulds have a lifespan of more than 5 years under the severe
conditions found in the Middle East.

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