Rogue Modular Test Suite added to AFL test and inspection range

The Rogue Modular Test Suite is part of a full range of test and
inspection equipment released by AFL Telecommunications. Rogue’s features make
it the most versatile field tester on the market, offering a highly flexible
solution in a cost-effective package for a broad range of applications from testing
large data centres to troubleshooting a few cables.

The Rogue Modular Test Suite is designed as an open platform to allow
the use of custom-designed apps and modules for a specific test experience.
Just snap in the different test module, team it with the app on an Android
device, and Rogue can be a loss test set, an OTDR, a certification tester, or
an MPO tester. Rogue also links via Bluetooth to the Focis Flex to provide
inspection capability.

The Rogue device includes a free Aeros cloud account; Rogue
automatically pushes data to the Aeros account, eliminating any scope for loss
of data. With seamless cloud access, reporting also becomes easier as there’s no
need to get hardware to the office to download data.

“By separating the functionality of the different test modules and
software, AFL has created a field test suite that can do what no other tester
can. The added bonus for the customer is that they only pay for what they need,”
says Stefano Verardo, Product Manager.

Rogue is now available in Australia and New Zealand as part of AFL’s
full T&I product range that includes optical time domain reflectometers
(OTDRs), loss testing kits, inspection and cleaning, fibre identifiers, fault
locators and more.

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