Testo portable calibrators ensuring reliable measurements

Measurement instruments must be calibrated correctly to ensure accuracy
in readings. Incorrect data from improperly calibrated measuring equipment will
only lead to inefficiency and could cost the company.

Testo offers a specialised line of calibration equipment that will
ensure you get the most precise readings from your measurement instruments.

Testo’s portable benchtop

Testo Huminator

This high performance humidity generator provides users with
rapid humidity calibration using a large measuring chamber that allows the
user to calibrate up to five sensors or several loggers at the same time. The Testo Huminator ensures reliable measurement, storage and
analysis of measure values. The touch display on the calibrator simplifies

Testo Pneumator

The Testo Pneumator brings high precision in the lower Pa range and
higher zero-point stability to the table. A flexible tool that can be used as a
calibrator or a precision measuring instrument, the Pneumator supports portability
with its compact dimensions and long-term accumulator operation. The instrument’s
wear-free and overload-proof differential pressure sensor supports four
different types of measuring/ pressure ranges (1, 10, 100 and 1000 hPa).

Testo Thermator

The Testo Thermator can be used as a multifunctional temperature
calibrator using four different modes to perform temperature calibration: Liquid
bath, block calibrator, infrared and surface. A sleeve tool is supplied
with the instrument for quick replacement of the sleeves before switching to a
different operating mode.

Testo onsite service and

A dedicated Testo team offers professional customer service to enable more
efficient calibration of instruments. Customers in Victoria can avail of Testo’s
in-house and on-site calibration services as well as state-of-the-art
calibration equipment for lab testing and calibration purposes.

To learn more about Testo’s calibration equipment and services, contact a Testo representative today

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