Rydell Beltech introduces Ammeraal Beltech Amseal -Durable Edge Reinforcement

As a leading manufacturer of Process and Conveyor belts for the food industry, Ammeraal Beltech has made food production a cornerstone of the business.

In focusing on this area, Ammeraal Beltech has developed a reliable protective system to prevent belt edges from soiling and fraying. Bacteria is also prevented from penetrating which is an important step in assuring compliance with HACCP programs.

Belt edges of the conveyor belts are normally finished with cut edges and are not protected against external influence. One of Ammeraal Beltech’s belt edge protection concepts is AMSEAL. The Amseal edge protection completely seals the belt edge on all sides with a thermoplastic strip.

Belts with Amseal belt edges are protected against all kind of external influences and circumstances. A wide range of Amseal belts are available as standard: Nonex, Ropanyl (TPU), Peflex (PE) and Amtel (TPE).

Food Safety Technology

To produce Amseal
on a two or three ply synthetic conveyor belt, the belt is separated with
special equipment and fitted with a strip in double step geometry into the belt
edge before finally slitting the belt to the required width. Amseal durable
edge reinforcement is also available for single ply or endless woven belts.

After the Amseal
process the original cover material is fully closed and smooth over the full
belt width. This makes the belt easier to clean (Food Safety) and mechanically
very strong for extended operation.

The unique Amseal
concept can be applied on all kinds of Ammeraal Beltech products, even profiled
belts. For applications with small knife edge transfers, the use of Ammeraal Beltech
KleenEdge non-fray belts is preferred.

Amseal edge
protection offers more important benefits:

  • Easier
  • Reliable
    edge reinforcement concept
  • No
    bacterial penetrating by wicking
  • Eliminates
    fabric, yarns and fibre contamination


  • Bakery
  • Confectionery
  • Meat,
    Poultry and Fish Processing
  • Dairy
  • Fruit
    & Vegetable
  • Tobacco Processing

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