Rent the Jofra CTC-660A Dry Block Temperature Calibrator from TechRentals

Save time and money with
the NATA certified Ametek Jofra CTC-660A Dry Block
Temperature Calibrator. This portable and lightweight instrument has
been specially designed to effectively conduct on-site and maintenance shop
calibration. The CTC-660A has integrated informative color display and
intuitive operation for ease of use.

The Jofra
temperature calibrator features a purpose-dedicated temperature regulator which
enables an accelerated heating and cooling time as well as swift stabilization
time. Performing a three point temperature calibration procedure can now be
completed faster and easier than ever before. Features:Temperature range covering 28 to 660¡C; Improved accuracy from
+/-0.85¡C and stability from +/-0.08¡C; Portable and lightweight design;
Four integrated functions (set function, preset mode, auto switch test, auto

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