New dosing system for corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion is a constant problem faced by chemical, process, and oil
and gas industries as they cope with challenging environmental and process
conditions in production and operation. Such industrial plants often use inhibitor
systems as an economical solution for prevention or control of corrosion.

A corrosion inhibitor system adds small concentrations of (bio) chemicals
into the process. However, the effectiveness of an inhibitor system greatly
depends on the accuracy of the amount of chemicals injected, and can be
influenced by environmental and process conditions.

Using a low flow control system containing a Bronkhorst (mini) CORI-FLOW
mass flow meter can help you dose corrosion inhibitors more accurately. High
accuracy and high turndown ratio are achieved based on pure mass flow
measurement with this flow meter. An on-board PID control directly controls
valves and pumps, which can be further optimised with PLC and HMI control,
thereby extending both performance and flexibility.

Bronkhorst’s Coriolis dosing system approach enables real-time
monitoring, control and logging of injection rates. This allows online checking
of flow rates and instantaneous resetting of the required flow rate. Asset
management and preventive maintenance are supported with several active

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