Elevating Automated Color Measurement in Injection Moulding Plants

Inline color measurement system is a widely used sensor for injection moulding applications where highly accurate color nuance detection is crucial. For example, color measurements are done at the step where the pieces are extracted from the mould. During this, the product may undergo changes in its color as it cools which in turn, affects color compliance. Therefore, early identification of these defects is possible and the rejects can be removed from the production line.
Depending on the angle of measurement and the lighting conditions, color may appear similar but are actually different when assessed through their coordinates in the color space. This is particularly integral in the plastic injection moulding applications where color deviation is not tolerated. To support this measurement task, there needs to be a non-contact dynamic measurement system that can reliably measure the color quantitatively and compare it with the color space coordinates to generate a “PASS/ FAIL” result.
Partnering with Micro-Epsilon, Bestech Australia supplies a wide range of sensors and measuring systems for industrial testing and measurement applications. We are proud to announce The ACS7000 inline color spectrometer offers a highly precise non-contact detection of color at high speed. This state-of-the-art measuring system illuminates the product with a homogeneous white LED light to ascertain the coordinates in the CIE-XYZ color system for all wavelengths of visible light (390 to 780 nm) and display them in the desired color space.
This ACS7000 high-speed color spectrometer enables the dynamic measurement at speeds of up to 2kHz, suitable for production line or manufacturing applications. The controller captures different observation conditions such as the illuminant and standard observer. Besides, to carry out light/ dark correction, the buttons on the controller or the user interface are used.
With the spectral measuring range of 390-780nm, trend analysis can be carried out for quality inspection purposes. It also has Ethernet/ EtherCAT, RS422, and digital I/Os for data output. Enabling direct feedback to the production process, this colorControl sensor is the most accurate device for online color measurement. Minimisation of waste and lower production costs are the additional perks of deploying this sensor in continuous process measurement.
Thanks to its optimized sensor models that offer precise measurement on different surfaces including reflecting, transparent, curved surfaces.

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