Rent the All-Test 5 Pro Motor Circuit Analyser from TechRentals

The All-Test 5 Pro is an electrical motor circuit analyser designed for
standalone troubleshooting, and QA of stored, new or repaired electric motors.
It can also provide trending analysis. The All-Test 5 Pro conducts Motor
Circuit Analysis (MCA) through several low voltage tests in order to ascertain
faults within an electric motor. It
detects winding contamination, stator faults such as turn to turn, coil to coil
shorts, open connections, ground faults, and broken or fractured rotor bars. It
is a lightweight, handheld device that will run for up to 8 hours on battery.

The All-Test 5 Pro can help
to reduce plant maintenance and testing time with 2 minute analysis, immediate
reporting, and storage space for approximately 650 tests. Using rotor or stator
analysis, the device can test different types of motors including: synchronous,
induction, brushless dc, ac/dc, servo, single phase, and wound rotors. For condition monitoring, all
measurements taken with the All-Test 5 Pro can be trend-graphed. The presence
of increasing unbalances provides the user with advanced notice of
deteriorating conditions. This allows the user to plan for repairs, avoid
unscheduled down-time, and in turn save money.

The All-Test 5 Pro is an easy to use, powerful motor circuit
analyser that has the ability to perform electric motor health analysis within
minutes. TechRentals offers a range of rental equipment for electrical testing
that is essential for maintenance and condition monitoring. 

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