New DEWESoft USB DAQ system is small, powerful and smart

Leading data measurement devices provider DEWESoft introduces the DEWE-43,
an award-winning USB DAQ system in a compact form factor, yet delivering
powerful and smart performance.

Weighing just over 0.5kg and measuring 22.3 x 7.82 x 4.50 cm in size,
the small and lightweight yet versatile DEWE-43 is the ideal solution for
demanding dynamic data acquisition applications.

Key features of the DEWE-43 DAQ system include eight dynamic analogue
inputs, each one backed by a 24-bit AD converter for simultaneous sampling at
the highest resolution; ‘universal’ type inputs able to handle strain gauges
and voltages up to ±10V natively; and solid aluminium construction ensuring
portability as well as ruggedness.

DEWESoft’s tiny DSI adapters can be converted to a different
input type, including IEPE accelerometer inputs, 200V inputs, RTDs and

Design features of the compact data acquisition system also include isolated power
supply; eight super-counters capable of 1x event count, encoder, period,
pulse-width, duty-cycle, frequency measurement per channel or 3x TTL pulse
digital inputs; two isolated, high-speed CAN 2.0b bus channels (1
Mbit/sec/ch), supporting OBDII, J1939, CAN out; locking mini-USB connector;
and Dewesoft X for HW auto detection, smart sensors and zero-configuration.

The award-winning DEWE-43 received a Product of the Year Award from NASA
Tech Briefs magazine.

DEWESoft is represented in Australia and New Zealand by

For further information, please visit the Metromatics website, or call (07)

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