New data logger to record shock during transportation

Interworld Electronics introduces a new range of standalone data loggers
designed to continuously record shock events during goods transportation.

The new MSR175 data logger uses high-resolution sensors to record these
shock events, allowing users to accurately analyse the data and ascertain the
cause of damage to goods during transportation as well as help them improve
transport packaging.

Key features of the new MSR175 data logger include two 3-axis
acceleration sensors (± 15 g and ± 100 g) integrated to record shocks at a
measurement frequency of up to 5000/s; installed memory capable of storing over
2 million measured values, which is sufficient for more than 1,000 shocks; ability
to measure and record temperature profiles from -20¡C to +65¡C; and optional
factory installed internal humidity, pressure and light sensors also available.

The measured data can be quickly transferred to a computer via the USB
port. The data logger comes with the MSR ShockViewer analysis software, which
is tailored to the requirements of transportation monitoring and enables analysis
and graphical representation of the recorded data as well as reports to be
automatically created.

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