ITS 6520 video recorder capturing uncompressed video

Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) presents the 6520 Video
Recording Instrument (RVI) designed to capture high quality video imagery
without compression.

Often HD recorders use compression to
reduce the video clip file size to fit on small storage devices. If the camera
(source) and recorder, storage or displays (destination) are more than 500 feet
apart, compression will be used to allow transfer of the video.

The ITS 6520 Video Recording Instrument
(VRI) captures uncompressed HD-SDI video without colour shift, quantisation
errors, and DCT coefficient losses. The user can play the video clips just as
the SDI from the camera delivered them.

Playback in slow motion, single step
frame to frame and loop on a subclip – each frame presented retains the full
resolution and correct colour captured by the camera. The actual video samples
can also be downloaded via Ethernet to a file using ITS 6520 DownloadVideo GUI.

This software can transcode the video
to an uncompressed AVI, compressed MP4 or Windows Media Video file. Audio (if
any) as well as imagery is captured, downloaded and transcoded. DownloadVideo
will also extract VANC metadata packets and can parse, format and display the
data while playing the video with full frame synchronisation.

The 6520 Video Recording Instrument can
be furnished with a removable 1 Terabyte SSD, which can hold a single 1080 clip
of 151,500 frames. At 60 fps, 151K frames are equivalent to 42 minutes of
uncompressed 1080 video. However, it can hold 151K 1080 frames that may be
comprised of many clips; up to 512 different clips can be captured to the SSD. The
clips may even be in different SD-SDI and HD-SDI formats.

For further information, please visit the
Metromatics website or call (07) 3868-4255.

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