How digital systems save time, improve efficiency and assure precision

technicians are constantly arguing about the merits of analogue testing devices
versus digital systems such as the Testo 549 digital manifolds. Many from the
old school are reluctant to switch over to more modern technology-driven
devices because of their unfamiliarity with new tech.

When choosing a
testing device, there are really only three main arguments driving the debate:
Precision, Durability and Affordability.

The debate for digital

Technology is
changing the way we work, so the argument for working smarter, not harder
shapes this side of the debate.


Digital tools are
designed to give accurate readings regardless of the environment. The gauge is
directly connected to the pressure source in question, eliminating the need to
manually insert and remove hoses to get a reading. As the probe is always in
place, it can send live data to any connected smartphone, allowing technicians
to stay on top of their systems at all times.


Tools such as the Testo 549 digital manifold are designed to last, and are backed by solid
warranties. Digital tools can provide reliable service for years without a
glitch. Built sturdy to last, these devices come with a smart case that allows
for portability and easy transportation.


Digital testing systems
integrate state-of-the-art technology and certainly don’t come cheap.
However, their durability and lifespan ensure these devices more than pay for
themselves over time. Digital tools also enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

The debate for analogue

Analogue fans would
argue there are things that technology just can’t beat. There’s also the fear of
machines using the data to take over!


Proponents of
analogue testing systems believe there is a lag with digital readings, and the
analogue system will give an accurate reading every time. However, analogue
devices have their limitations with precise measurements only possible in the user’s


Analogue users have
concerns that digital tools cannot survive in an industrial working environment
with all its grit and grime. However, if the Australian Defence Force can use
Testo’s systems in the field, you can be confident your digital system will also
hold up in harsh conditions.


Cost is a major
factor when it comes to choosing between analogue and digital systems. Testo
allows you to trial the systems so you can experience how transformative the
digital systems can be for your productivity in terms of saving time and
improving efficiency.

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