Testo 160 IAQ data loggers improving facility management

Controlling an interior environment is a difficult task for facility
managers. A reliable solution is required to ensure an optimum temperature that’s
not too hot or too cold for occupants as the environment has a direct impact on
all those who work within it.

When a facility’s environment isn’t in balance, you risk endangering the
health and well-being of all those who work on the site as well as the products
stored inside. Ensuring a controlled environment isn’t an easy task as the
facility manager has to closely monitor everything from temperature and humidity
to CO2 and atmospheric pressure.

That’s why managers should only use top-of-the-line instruments to
measure indoor air quality (IAQ).

Getting it just right with Testo 160

The Testo160 IAQ Wi-Fi data logger assists facility managers with monitoring and
optimising all those elements that make up the indoor air quality.

The Wi-Fi data logger is integrated with sensors that measure
temperature, humidity, CO2 and atmospheric pressure in every room being
monitored in the facility. The measurement data recorded by the logger is sent to
the cloud where it can be accessed for analysis by the user on a smart mobile
device. A real-time alarm function will alert the facility manager about any
anomaly in the values so that immediate action can be taken to address the

The data logger is a compact instrument that can be placed anywhere in a room. This enables the device to be easily installed in busy
office spaces as well as in museums or archives where it is important to ensure
conditions are perfect for delicate artefacts or works of art.

Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi data loggers have a massive internal data storage
capacity, allowing 40,000 measuring values to be stored so that the facility
manager can monitor the conditions of multiple rooms at once.

A workplace with optimised IAQ will maximise productivity as well as the
well-being of employees.

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