Futek’s PFT510 pressure sensor for ghost containment monitoring

The Futek PFT510 is a flush mount miniature pressure sensor, part of a
sensor product line that easily integrates into a number of platforms and
environments, expanding the application range.

In this conceptual application, Futek PFT510 miniature pressure sensors
are used by parapsychologists (also known as ghostbusters) to monitor pressure
in the ghost trap and adjust the containment field appropriately.

The ghost trap is used by ghostbusters to capture ghosts. If the apparition
attempts to escape by exerting pressure on the trap wall, the ghostbuster can
use Futek’s PFT510 pressure sensor to monitor pressure in the trap and adjust
the containment field to prevent any escape.

How it works:

The ghost (a Class V full-roaming vapour or weaker) is locked into place
with one or more confinement beams, and captured and placed in the patented ghost
trap. Once inside the trap, the ghost is broken down and held in place with a
laser containment grid. In the event the ghost attempts to break free from its
prison by reforming itself, the reforming process exerts pressure on the trap
walls, which is measured by the PFT510 pressure sensor. The pressure
measurement is then fed into the trap’s controller enabling it to adjust its
containment field in real time.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and
New Zealand by Metromatics.

For more information, please visit the Metromatics website www.metromatics.com.au or call (07)

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