wireSENSOR MT Series miniature draw wire sensors

Bestech Australia announces the release of the miniature version of draw
wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon.

One of the smallest draw wire sensors available in the market, the new wireSENSOR
(WDS) MT Series features sensing elements in a robust aluminium housing with
their designs optimised for the smallest possible size in their respective
measuring ranges.

Key features of the wireSENSOR (WDS) MT Series miniature draw wire
sensors include aluminium housing integrated through bores with an eyelet
attached to the measuring wire, allowing simple mounting of the sensor and faster
measuring rate for dynamic applications; shock resistance up to 60g-level wire
acceleration, allowing application in crash testing; and ‘snap-protection’
feature protecting against strong vibration or shock occurring during testing.

With a more compact form and higher wire acceleration (60g), the WDS-MT presents
a more superior solution compared to other miniature draw wire sensors
available in the market.

The WDS-MT also offers a measuring range of 40mm – 130mm; infinite
resolution; maximum 60g wire acceleration; and 1 million cycle service life.

For more information, please visit the Bestech Australia website or call 03 9540 5100.

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