UV LINOS F-Theta Ronar lenses for 340-360nm laser applications

Scitech announces the release of the new telecentric UV LINOS 70mm F-Theta-Ronar
lenses for 340-360nm laser applications from Qioptic, an Excelitas Technologies
Company and global technology leader in delivering innovative optical and
photonic solutions.

Made for laser material processing industries, the latest addition to
the LINOS line is ideal for micromachining in the semiconductor, electronic and
display markets for ultraviolet-pulsed laser applications.

The new lenses feature a bigger scan field (28x28mm_) with 5µm spot size,
and include an angle corrected coating for stable transmission over the entire
scan field, as well as for a more stable focus position and process. This
angle-optimised broad band coating allows the use of various laser sources with
different wavelengths and lower absorption.

The UV F-Theta-Ronar lens for 340-360nm laser applications features focal
lengths ranging from 70mm to 255mm with a tolerance of ±1%, and can be used
with enlarged beam diameters and different mirror distances.

Key features of the new LINOS range include telecentric lens with
special optical design and advanced technology for minimised spot size
variation; and fused silica delivering high transmission and reduced thermal
focus shift.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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