Years of practical tests passed with flying colours

the largest pork processing company in Europe and the second largest in the
world, teamed up with the Danish Meat Research Institute to put SICK
photoelectric sensors from the W8 Inox
product family through a series of practical tests spanning several years, and
has now classed the sensors as ‘slaughter-proof’.

Prepared for launch jointly by Danish Crown and SICK,
the W8 Inox is a family of sensors that does
not fail to impress with their compact design, sensor performance, chemical and
thermal material resistance and high impermeability. Following the success of
the tests with the Danish Meat Research Institute, Danish Crown has decided
that the W8 Inox will be the product family installed as standard in its meat
processing machines, and has signed an agreement making SICK its preferred

and hygiene processes test sensors to the limit

Cutting and processing machines within the meat
industry have to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent
hygiene risks resulting from meat products becoming contaminated with
microorganisms, spores, or inorganic residues. Surfactant acidic, chlorinated,
chlorine-alkaline and other foam cleaners, and neutral disinfecting agents
containing hypochlorite or peracetic acid are
used for the cleaning and disinfection, and pressure washers are also
often used for these processes to remove
any contamination left on surfaces. The special design of the W8 Inox miniature
photoelectric sensor guarantees long-term availability, with the sensor housing
made of stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) providing maximum corrosion resistance
and the plastics used for the operating elements and the front screen offering
the highest level of material resistance. The structure and design of the W8
Inox also help to ensure the long-term availability of sensors, as the housing,
cover, operating elements and front screen together form a strong and
waterproof unit in accordance with IP69K.

male connector and 300mm connecting cable prove particularly popular

At Danish Crown and other meat
processing companies, the sensor variants with M12 male connectors and 300mm
connecting cables are very popular because they allow the electrical connection
(which can be of critical importance from water tightness) to be established
outside of the area where pressure washers are used in proximity to the area
for cleaning.

Retrofitting made

Depending on the detection task, various photoelectric
sensors are available, all of which are suitable for use with the M3 mounting
kit with a distance of 25.4mm between the holes. As well as being compatible
with the entire product family, this kit can also be used by manufacturers of
meat processing machines and systems’, meaning it is no trouble at all to
switch over to SICK sensor technology.

by Tobias Güttler, Product Manager in the Presence Detection Division of SICK
AG, Waldkirch, Germany

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