Making industry smarter with new photoelectronic sensors

Wenglor Sensoric’s latest generation
of photoelectronic sensors, designated as PNG//smart, is aligned with the
motto, “Making Industries Smarter”, combining excellent communication
capabilities with photoelectronic performance values.

Available from Treotham, the intelligent
sensors are presented with five different functional principles – reflex sensor
with or without background suppression, retro-reflex sensor with or without
clear glass recognition and through-beam sensor. Consistently equipped with
IO-Link 1.1, this range represents thinking, networked, learning sensors for
the future of Industry 4.0. The 1K miniature design was presented as the first
representative of the product range.

Key features of the new photoelectronic sensors include the IO-Link interface
allowing easy saving and duplication of sensor settings for other applications,
which simplifies initial start-up; condition monitoring permitting predictive
maintenance; sensor’s configuration automatically transferred to the new device
during replacement using the data storage function; clear-cut visualisation
provided by standard wTeach2 software helping match the sensors precisely to
complex applications; and switching thresholds and functional reserve rendered
visible to enable a qualitative assessment.

The sensors work with laser, red or blue light, and offer outstanding optical
characteristics as well. Factory adjustment ensures each sensor has the same
switching distance when the settings are identical (potentiometer/IO-Link).
Thanks to the balanced spot with aligned optical axis, no subsequent
realignment of the spot is required, simplifying initial start-up as well as
replacement. Additionally, the sensors don’t influence each other when they’re
mounted directly next to or opposite each other. They’re also insensitive to
interfering light and are consistently available in laser class 1.

The first group of the new photoelectronic sensors is based on the 1K miniature
design. All five functional principles are available in one of the world’s
smallest housing formats measuring 32 x 16 x 12 mm. Sensors with 1K housing can
be connected via plug connector, pigtail or cable, and configured by means of a
potentiometer, or via teach-in with the high-end variant.

The low weight of just 4 grams
makes them well suited for applications on robot arms. Additional features also
include IP67/IP68 protection, LEDs visible all the way around, and an extended
temperature range of -40¡C to +60¡C.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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