Laser sensor with extended 2-750mm measurement range for industrial automation

Bestech Australia introduces a new laser sensor from Micro Epsilon
featuring an extended measurement range for determining distance and

The new optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor can measure distance and displacement
up to 500mm and 750mm, bringing the total measurement range from 2mm to 750mm. Robust
and powerful, the new sensors enable fast and high precision measurement in
applications requiring large measuring ranges, especially in industrial and
industrial automation environments.

The real-time surface compensation (RTSC) feature allows the sensor to adapt
quickly to fast and changing surfaces, enabling accurate measurement; this can
also be used to take measurements on various surfaces and objects, such as
semi-transparent plastics and ceramics, PCB material, carbon and glass fibre reinforced

Since the measurement takes place independent of the material or colour,
the laser sensor offers great flexibility for real-time quality inspection in
almost any industry such as electronics production, automotive, packaging,
machine building and automation technology.

A combination of unique performance and newly added features makes the optoNCDT
1750 a leading laser sensor in its class.

Key features of the optoNCDT 1750 laser triangulation sensors include very
small spot size, enabling detection of extremely small objects; newly enhanced
measurement algorithm and components integrated to provide high accuracy and
bandwidth for dynamic applications; compact design enabling installation in
confined and limited spaces; user-friendly web interface for operation and
setup using pre-defined presets; up to eight user-specific sensor settings allowed
to be stored; measurement output obtained via analogue or digital RS422
interface; two switching outputs and one input to control different functions;
and ability to generate highly accurate results without complex optimisation.

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