Introducing next gen intelligent optical sensors for industry

announces the release of a new generation of optical sensors in the market
designed to make industry smarter by offering maximum performance and flexibility
in complex applications.

with the motto ‘Making Industries Smarter’, Wenglor Sensoric’s next generation
of photoelectronic sensors, PNG//smart, which is equipped with IO-Link 1.1,
represents the future of Industry 4.0.

on the 1K miniature design with five different functional principles (reflex
sensor with or without background suppression, retro-reflex sensor with or
without clear glass recognition and through-beam sensor), the intelligent
sensors are available in one of the world’s smallest housing formats measuring
just 32 x 16 x 12 mm.

features of the PNG//smart series of photoelectronic sensors include condition
monitoring allowing predictive maintenance; data storage capability; balanced
switching point and spot; high insensitivity to extraneous light; laser class 1
sensors; and equipped with wTeach2 software.

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