Reducing carbon monoxide exposure with Testo’s monitoring tools

Exposure to carbon monoxide can have fatal consequences. An odourless,
colourless gas, carbon monoxide is produced following incomplete combustion in
gas units. When gas appliances are not correctly serviced, the home can be at
risk of carbon monoxide exposure. The best way to reduce this risk is to ensure
all units are regularly maintained and serviced by expert gas fitters using the
latest in climate monitoring technology.

Carbon monoxide is lethal

Being colourless and odourless, carbon monoxide can be difficult to
detect without expert tools. Exposure symptoms are similar to that of illnesses
such as flu with the person experiencing headaches, fatigue and nausea. When
these symptoms are present, it could mean that carbon monoxide is
affecting indoor air quality.

Small concentrations of the gas are not lethal, but exposure to higher
quantities can contribute to the occupants passing out, or even dying. There
have been a number of highly publicised cases of carbon monoxide poisoning
requiring hospitalisation in Victoria recently, showing how widespread the
issue is and how little people know about safe gas unit management.

Improving gas unit safety

Energy Safe Victoria advises that all gas appliances should be serviced
at least once every two years in order to ensure there is no risk of carbon monoxide
leakage. The gas fitter or any other maintenance service provider should be
accredited and must comply with state safety standards, according to the
Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating.

How Testo helps reduce the risk
of carbon monoxide poisoning

Using the services of accredited gas fitters equipped with the best
climate monitoring tools and better awareness about the dangers of carbon
monoxide will improve household safety standards nationwide.

The threat can be minimised by ensuring gas fitters and plumbers are
kitted out with best-in-class equipment. Testo offers a range of gas analysis
systems to help experts assess safety in the home.

Testo’s 310 Flue Gas Analyser uses ultra-sensitive sensor technology to
analyse up to five different gases, giving better oversight to any issues related
to gas heating units.

Meanwhile, the Testo 317-3 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Meter provides a quick and easy way to test for
ambient gases, ensuring there is no risk to indoor air quality.

For more details about our climate monitoring tools, reach out to the Testo team today.
We can talk you through the equipment you’ll need to monitor for carbon
monoxide and other parameters.

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