Production monitoring with laser triangulation sensors

Bestech Australia introduces a new sensor system that relies on two laser
triangulation sensors to deliver accurate thickness measurements in various
production monitoring tasks.

Bestech’s new thicknessSENSOR offers non-contact, accurate thickness
measurement of plate and strip materials in a measurement range of 10-25mm. Comprising
of two laser triangulation sensors mounted on a stable frame, the sensor system
enables thickness detection of simple to complex geometry with the perfectly
aligned sensors providing a wide-range measurement capability.

Offering an unmatched price/performance ratio, Bestech’s new thicknessSENSOR
is also capable of dynamic measurement tasks with bandwidth up to 4kHz.

Key features of Bestech’s new thicknessSENSOR sensor system include intuitive
web interface allowing users to load presets for easy measurement of repetitive
tasks; extremely compact sensors easily integrated with existing computer
interface with digital or analogue output to suit measurements in restricted
spaces; measurement area up to 71mm x 400mm; laser spot diameter from 0.16 –
0.5 mm; and robust yet lightweight form weighing 3.3 – 4.5kg.

For more information, please visit the Bestech
Australia website or call 03 9540 5100.

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