New herbicide resistant hybrid canola launched after Chinese approval

Market-leading seed producer Pacific Seeds is launching two new canola varieties
to the Australian market, following the Chinese government’s approval of the Bayer-developed
TruFlex herbicide resistant trait.

TruFlex is the first new herbicide-resistant trait offering since
Monsanto, which was recently acquired by Bayer, launched the Roundup Ready herbicide
trait in 1996.

It offers canola growers a wider weed spraying window, extending beyond
the current six-leaf stage up to first flowering.

Pacific Seeds managing director Barry Croker said Pacific Seeds had
taken a commercial decision to integrate the TruFlex trait and conduct seed
production prior to approval from China.

“We wanted TruFlex hybrid seed ready for the growing season in April as
we anticipated approval from China would come through early this year; however,
this meant we needed to start production in mid-2018,” Mr Croker said.

“We’re pleased that the approval has come through, and we have just
harvested good pilot quantities of seed in Chile; the seed will be ready for
sale with the TruFlex trait once the appropriate processes and logistics are

“This is the first big innovation in extended spray application
technology since 1996; farmers have been crying out for an innovation and we’re
so excited to be able to offer the latest technology now, responding to the
demand from our customers.

“By providing an extended spray window, the TruFlex trait offers more
flexibility for growers and improved weed management.

“Effective weed management is an essential part of delivering higher
yields and cleaner paddocks.”

TruFlex received regulatory approval in China in mid-January of this
year, after a six-year wait.

“China is Australia’s largest export market for canola, so this approval
was essential for growers,” Mr Croker said.

“Our customers have been demanding this product for some time, and we
have listened ensuring Australian canola growers can start to reap the benefits
from TruFlex canola during the 2019 season.”

Pacific Seeds will have two new hybrids with the TruFlex trait available
for the 2019 plant – Hyola 410XX, which is a straight TruFlex hybrid, as well
as Hyola 530 XT, which is an Australian first stack that offers both the TruFlex
trait as well as tolerance for that hybrid.

“We encourage farmers to contact their regular rural retailers to find
out more about this new trait and the opportunity to access seed for the 2019
cropping season.

“We’re expecting massive demand this season for TruFlex seed, which
offer farmers more flexible and more effective spray-resistance for better weed
management as part of their IWM programs.”

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