Growers, get your wheat seed tested now

Given a run of poor weather over recent wheat harvests, wheat variety
marketing company Pacific Seeds is reminding growers to make sure they get
their retained planting seed tested for germination and vigour prior to

Pacific Seeds wheat manager, Neil Comben said that seed grown in a tough
season, has experienced rain events over harvest, or which has experienced
extreme heat or humidity in storage can often give sub-optimal results when

“Seed is a living organism, so if it experiences extremes during either
its growing or storage phases, it is inevitably going to be affected.

“Recent winters have been tough and shown us that growers really need to
make the most of the rain when it comes to get their crop established. The last
thing we want them to experience is a poor establishment due to poor quality
planting seed.

“It’s not enough to rely on germination tests done at harvest; farmers need
to get their seed tested again now to make sure it gives them the best possible
start to the season.”

Mr Comben said it might also be a good time for growers to look at
refreshing their wheat seed in the lead up to the 2019 winter crop. The more
years of continuously retaining seed, the greater the risk of contamination
through the introduction of seed from other varieties.

“We recommend that wheat growers routinely refresh their wheat seed to
maintain a variety’s genetic purity so the traits yield and agronomics they are
chasing are there when they need it.

“It is also an opportunity for growers to assess recently released
varieties which may offer additional yield or protein over older stalwart
varieties on farm.”

Over the past two years, Pacific Seeds has released two new lines into
the APH market – LRPB Reliant and LRPB Mustang.

“LRPB Reliant is living up to its name as a reliable performer across
environments and data shows it is the highest yielding APH wheat variety for
the main season plant, whereas LRPB Mustang offers growers excellent yield in a
quicker maturing package,” Mr Comben said.

“These new wheat come from the same breeding program as LRPB Lancer and
LRPB Spitfire, which are two on-farm favourites for their overall reliability
and trait package.”

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