Spring testing with Futek LSB Series load cells

Spring testing systems are used in diverse applications including high
volume production testing, quality control inspection, and design engineering.

The above conceptual diagram shows an automated spring testing system where
an S Beam load cell (LSB Series) has been fixed onto a spring test column to
measure the spring force in relation to its position.

How it works:

Using an LSB Series load cell paired with instrumentation (USB
Solutions) during R&D, the automated spring testing system can be
configured to either compress or extend the spring under test. Futek’s LSB
Series load cell is fixed onto the spring test column to measure spring
compressive or tensile force when the spring is compressed or elongated. These
force measures are streamed to a computer for analysis utilising Futek’s USB
Solutions. The information can then be used to determine or verify the stiffness
of the spring based on Hooke’s Law.

The automated spring testing system features LSB Series S Beam tension
and compression load cell; a high resolution USB output module; and SENSIT test
and measurement software.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and
New Zealand by Metromatics.

For further information, please visit the Metromatics website www.metromatics.com.au or call (07)

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