Fire safety ensured on luxury yacht with an Aussie portable pump

An Aussie Sea Skipper portable fire pump from Australian Pump Industries
has joined the crew of the luxury super yacht ‘Ghost’ to ensure fire safety on board.

Under National Standards for Commercial Vessels – Part C Section 4, Fire
Safety rules, the AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) requires that all
commercial vessels must have fire safety measures on-board at all times.

The Aussie Sea Skipper portable fire pump meets these standards, making
it ideal for workboats, charter yachts and ferries. The pump’s ability to
handle saltwater makes it the best choice for firefighting at sea.

Based at Rose Bay on Sydney Harbour, Ghost is a 24-metre vessel capable
of carrying 36 people including a cabin crew of six. Ghost Elite Charters chose
the Sea Skipper for its unique ability to provide both salvage and firefighting
capabilities at sea using seawater.

Developed by Australian Pump Industries initially for the Royal
Australian Navy, the Sea Skipper provides a maximum pressure of up to 100 psi
but can also be used as a salvage pump moving water at the rate of 24,000
litres per hour.

Getting the self priming pump ready for operation is just a matter of
throwing a suction hose over the side, filling the pump with water and starting
the engine.

Key features of the Aussie Sea Skipper portable fire pumps include unique
capability to draught water from depths of up to 7.6 metres; lightweight and compact
design; seaworthy build with bronze impeller and volute, marine grade aluminium
body coated inside and out with epoxy, and 316 stainless steel fasteners throughout
the pump; three-way head; ability to operate with either two 1″ hoses or with a
single 1_Ó hose; and big 2″ suction port, flanged onto the pump’s body enabling
fast self priming and providing the capability of very high flows for salvage

Powered by a Yanmar 4.8hp recoil start engine, the pump comes in a heavy
duty galvanised steel frame. A galvanised steel sub frame with anti-vibration
mounts enables the pump to operate safely and smoothly.

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