New Tsurumi C Series cutter pumps clearing dairy waste

Australian Pump Industries presents a new range of submersible pumps from world-leading
Japanese pump manufacturer Tsurumi, designed to prevent pump blockage and
failure on dairy farms.

Dairy farm operators
are continuously challenged by standard pumps getting blocked by
solids-containing waste during effluent management – a problem that will not
only lead to pump failure but also directly impact animal health and welfare.

Tsurumi’s C Series cutter
pumps are designed to handle such contaminated waste. The C series cutter pumps
chop waste material, allowing free passage of the waste without clogging.

Ashley Mezenberg,
who manages a 400-head dairy herd South of Traralgon in Victoria, faced a
problem with the effluent collected from his Herringbone feed pad, which was laden
with solids. When faced with repeated vertical column pump failures, he changed
over to a Tsurumi submersible cutter pump supplied by Aussie Pumps’ Gold
Distributor Rodwells.

Ashley has reported
that the new cutter pump is working really well and he is happy with the pump
selection and performance.

Aussie Pumps Product
Manager Neil Bennett explains that Tsurumi’s breakthrough cutter impeller chops
through sewage, straw, plastic, rags and other materials in seconds. Having
observed the pumps’ excellent performance in handling waste, he views the C
Series as being an obvious choice for the dairy collection pit.

The C Series incorporates
a large open channel impeller with a cutter mechanism. A sintered tungsten
carbide alloy tip is brazed on the impeller vane. As the impeller rotates, the
vane slices against the serrated edge of the suction cover, chopping fibrous
matter into small fragments that won’t clog the pump.

Key features of
Tsurumi’s C Series cutter pumps include 3-phase operation with heavy duty design;
50mm to 100mm bore; capacity up to 2,750 litres per minute, and max head of 26
metres; and anti-wicking cables and silicon carbide seals extending durability
and reliability.

Please visit the Australian Pump Industries website for further information on the complete range
of Tsurumi cutter pumps.

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