Gorman-Rupp wastewater pump delivers reliability at Southern Meats

A self priming wastewater pump from Gorman-Rupp is helping a leading
sheep and lamb processing facility near Sydney maintain their reputation for

Southern Meats Pty Ltd is a hi-tech meat processing facility
strategically located just south of Sydney where they have access to sheep
grown in the healthy environment of NSW’s Southern Highlands region. The
company not only supplies quality meat to the local market but also exports around
the world, relying on high-tech automated equipment in their slaughtering,
boning, chilling, freezing and rendering facilities.

Seeking a reliable pump with the performance capability to deliver 50L/s
plus for their wastewater treatment systems, the plant approached Gorman-Rupp for
a solution.

As the world leader in self-priming pump technology, particularly in
wastewater pumping applications, Gorman-Rupp supplied a pump that could be mounted
at ground level (and not in the wet well), ensuring safe and convenient access for
their operators. Additional safety features built into the pump are designed to
protect operators and the pump from damage.

Self priming pumps deliver several advantages to asset owners. For
instance, they don’t need to buy rated lifting chains or have the hassle of annual
inspections or replacement, which would have been necessary with submersible
pumps. Since wet well lids remain closed, the need for fall protection
equipment such as anchorage points, body support, connectors and descent/rescue
equipment is greatly reduced.

Plant Engineer, Mick Speering is happy to recommend Gorman-Rupp pumps to
anyone wanting a quality wastewater pump.

More information on Gorman-Rupp pumps can be obtained from Hydro Innovations at info@hydroinnovations.com.au.

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